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What Is EMV?

Ok, what, exactly, is EMV?

EMV (aka 'Euromoney, MasterCard, and Visa'), also known as chip-and-pin or chip-and-sign, is a new standard for integrated circuit chip credit cards. Going forward, credit cards with EMV must be inserted instead of being swiped. The chip will then communicate with the payment terminal to authorize the transaction.

Small chip, big security

EMV chip cards can be identified by their embedded chip - essentially a tiny computer. It’s harder to replicate a chip card than a magnetic-stripe card because the chip creates a unique impression every time it is used.

October's 'Deadline'

October 2015 will mark a change in how U.S. retailers take payments. The switch over to EMV will help improve the security of credit card transactions, but it will shift the liability of fraud from the card company to you as the vendor for all EMV enabled cards. Note that using EMV is not required by your winery, but it helps with fraud instances.

Should I Care?

Yes and no.

Here's why you shouldn't care:
The EMV liability shift will only affect you if there is a fraudulent change made on an order that was transacted in person with and you didn't use an EMV process and the credit card was a chip style card. This means that fraud transactions made in person without a chip card are not affected at all. It also means that any online fraud transaction made online is not affected at all even if the card has a chip. By October 2015, most Americans will not have an EMV enabled credit card (approx 20% to 30%). You can still swipe/process chip and chipless credit cards through your non-EMV machines/swipers.

Here's why you should care:
As more and more EMV enabled cards are used by consumers, the percentage of fraudulent charges that happen from an EMV card will inevitability go up. Processing those cards with EMV machines will help you dispute those charges.

Vin65 - What Is EMV? -

EMV + Vin65

How EMV works with Vin65's POS

When you ring up an order in the Vin65 POS, the payment screen will have a new option/button to pay with terminal. This sends the order amount to the EMV device automatically. From there, the EMV device works it's magic and once the card is approved, it completed the order on the Vin65 POS automatically (just as if you swiped the credit card).

For detailed information and updates, check out the Vin65 documentation site.

EMV Updates

Latest Update: September 30th, 2015

Past Updates:

  1. Update: September 25th, 2015:
  2. Update: September 15th, 2015: A bunch of EMV updates this week as we get close to the Oct 1st 'deadline':
    • Beta Testing: You can have an EMV device set up in your tasting room on/before Oct 1st, 2015.
    • Webinar: Brent from Vin65 hosted an EMV webinar. You can view it by clicking the play button on the top of this page (on the EMV banner).
    • Costs: Costs for hardware will range from $180 to $500 depending on the device. There will be a nominal monthly fee per device that will be billed directly by Vin65.
    • Hardware: All devices need to be purchased through Vin65's vendor, Change Merchant Solutions. Vin65 will only be connecting to devices that already support EMV (many devices are EMV 'capable' which means at some point down the road they will support EMV but they currently don't support EMV card processing - so don't be fooled by all the devices out there).
    • Misc: Each hardware device is injected with a unique key during the ordering/set-up phase. If you switch merchant processors, you will need to buy all new hardware.
  3. Update: September 9th, 2015: The 'external' payment type, for Option 2 listed above, is close. We're finishing up with the final payment gateway (eWay in Australia) before it's finished. Initial beta testing hardware has been selected (all wired solutions) and we're ready to beta test. 
  4. Update: August 21st, 2015: Testing continues with additional EMV hardware devices. The 'external' payment type, for Option 2 listed above, will not launch on Aug. 24th (due to complications with several payment gateway integrations). Additional testing is required and the ETA is now the end of August to early September.
  5. Update: August 12th, 2015: Vin65 has outlined the two options available for clients listed above. The 'I Need It Now' and 'Vin65 Recommended' options will provide wineries with a choice to get EMV ready by/before Oct. 1st.
  6. Update: August 4th, 2015: Vin65 is currently working with a vendor to get the required hardware to build to their the SDKs.
  7. Update: July 1st, 2015: USAePay has been selected at the preferred gateway vendor for the initial EMV integration. We're currently still exploring details.

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