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Full Control (HTML/CSS)

Totally flexible designs


Design your own site

Implement your design directly on the Vin65 platform. Your HTML, your CSS, and our designer Launch API.

Vin65 - Full Control (HTML/CSS) - Totally flexible designs

Used by the industry's top designers

Your HTML, your CSS, and our designer Launch API. See what Wine Works has to say about working with the Vin65 Designer Launch tools.


Why Vin65?

There are a lot of options out there, why pick Vin65?


All-in-one solution

A hosted solution with nothing to install, Vin65 includes a website, wine clubs, secure shopping cart, CRM, emails tools, and more.


Built For wine

The Vin65 toolkit is solely focused on the wine industry, so you can focus on design, and your client can manage clubs, wine attributes, states they sell to, age verification, allocations, etc.


Trusted by 1000s of wineries

From small mom and pop wineries to enterprise clients, more wineries use - and trust - Vin65's ecommerce tools than any other ecommerce platform.

Certified Designer Program

Promote your brand and attract new clients

It's easy

Simply design and develop a website on Vin65 and you're in! The more clients you work with, the more promotion you get back. If you don't have a client, or want to bump up a level, you can design a template to sell on Vin65.

It's free

There's no cost, or catch to the program. Every certified designer gets a sandbox/testing site to play around in that's free forever. If you sell a template, you keep 100% of the set up costs.

It's worth it

Gain exposure to 1000s of wineries. Vin65 clients send in design request daily, anything from small tweaks to full redesigns. You choose what you want to offer and you'll be listed on our Certified Designer page.

Sell templates

Design and develop a template and sell it to wineries. You pick the setup fee and keep 100% of it. You also get a small monthly kickback for each client that signs up for your template. Any design requests from clients that sign up on your template will be funneled directly back to you (and templates count towards your certification level).

Vin65 - Certified Designer Program - Promote your brand and attract new clients

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