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I've never seen a company in the wine industry who puts so much effort into *actively* developing their product: new features, improvements, and updates are released every week. That's incredible. It keeps me from worrying about what else I might be missing in my POS and ecommerce... if you're not with Vin65, it's what you're missing out on.

Vin65 Testimonial - Allan Delmare - Rappahannock Cellars

Allan Delmare

Rappahannock Cellars

Vin65's platform made our decision for a partner platform easy. We interviewed a couple of other vendors, for us, it was the features, flexibility and professional look that we achieved that sold us. It's the performance, support and community that cements our relationship with Vin65. P.S. We BRAG about Vin65 to our friend wineries.

Vin65 Testimonial - Chris Johnston - Middle Ridge Winery

Chris Johnston

Middle Ridge Winery

We selected Vin65 because, quite simply, we wanted to sell more wine.

The combination - website templates, support staff that know the wine business model, ecommerce and POS capabilities, and a very reasonable "price tag" - made our decision a simple one. Thanks to the entire Vin65 team!

Vin65 Testimonial - Laura Faught - Currahee Vineyards

Laura Faught

Currahee Vineyards

Powering Over 1500 Wineries

Helping wineries of all sizes sell more wine

Vin65 Testimonial - Jean Bennett - Turners Crossing

Jean Bennett

Turners Crossing

We love our new site! Vin65 have been fantastic at each stage from design to launch. The back-end is easy to use and practical, and our new site looks fantastic.

Enterprise Customers

Managing several brands across Vin65

Vin65 Portfolio - Duckhorn Vineyards

Duckhorn Vineyards

Duckhorn trusts Vin65 to run their 7 ecommerce websites and 3 tasting room point of sale systems, providing them with a full 360 degree view of their customers across all of their direct to consumer touch points.

Vin65 Testimonial - Kerilyn “KK” LaFournaise - Raptor Ridge Winery

Kerilyn “KK” LaFournaise

Raptor Ridge Winery

I would like lodge an official OH EM GEE! Superstar compliment for Vin65.

First off, their interactions were polite, positive, confident and clear. They set expectations and followed through with excellent detailed emails, which I really appreciated. I am sure they do this all the time, but this is the first time I have experienced such a high level service and competency from a software company (and I have worked with a few in the industry) that delivered in such a seamless, timely, courteous manner.

Thank you!

Transitioning to Vin65 was fast and easy - the increase in our web toolkit was wonderful. The service is really a no brainer. Vin65's back office is nothing short of amazing. The opportunity for a small winery to work with and track their customers is second to none!

Vin65 Testimonial - Jay Christianson - Canyon Wind Cellars & Anemoi Wines

Jay Christianson

Canyon Wind Cellars & Anemoi Wines

We need a web site that is both professional, modern and a good time. Vin65 delivers that in spades. I especially appreciate that Vin65 works so closely with their clients to provide the latest in web site features needed to compete for online business.

Vin65 Testimonial - Jeff Stai - Twisted Oak Winery

Jeff Stai

Twisted Oak Winery

Professional, organized, friendly and extremely helpful team with great product and service. Vin65 is the Apple Computer of wine e-commerce. We took our first on-line order 15 minutes after going live! What does that tell you. Vin65 really rocks!

Vin65 Testimonial - Bill Loken - Pahrump Valley Winery

Bill Loken

Pahrump Valley Winery

Vin65 Testimonial - Glenn Foster - Talon Wine Brands

Glenn Foster

Talon Wine Brands

Of the multitude of winery specific e-commerce and POS solutions on the market today, Vin65 stands very tall in our estimation. Only Vin65 provided the answers we needed in a highly customer-focused way. We spent a lot of time researching the options. The team here exhibits a great deal of common sense, care about user-friendliness and yet real savvy about the wine industry. They provide a great service with professionalism and competence. We're proud to be a Vin65 user!

Vin65 Portfolio - Trinchero Family Estates

Trinchero Family Estates

Trinchero Family Estates powers their ecommerce and point of sale systems with the Vin65 solution, allowing them to see their customers LTV, memberships, and more across all of their brands.

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