Why Vin65?


One Platform

Our fully integrated solution streamlines all DTC commerce operations onto a single platform. With Vin65, products are setup just once and automatically flow from your online store to your point of sale. One platform stores all customer information in one space. You can view sales and dashboards anywhere and reports give you a complete picture of all of your customers.

Vin65 -  -

Vin65 -  -

Higher Conversion

We’ll help you sell more wine! From a streamlined checkout, to user ratings and reviews, to button placement, Vin65 continually tests and refines our platform to ensure higher conversion rates. Our platform includes innovative marketing tools such as: user choice clubs, action emails, social media integration, Carrot Engine prompts and a loyalty program called 46Brix. These tools help you drive sales and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Greater Customer Insight

The Vin65 CRM tools give you an unprecedented view of your customer including all transactions (online and offline), club memberships, notes, tasks, emails (opens and click backs), credit cards and shipping addresses. Integrating social conversations into the customer record you get a true 360 degree customer view in one place.

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Innovative & Progressive

Vin65 is the most innovative platform in the wine industry. New features are pushed out every week to customers, usually for free. From our constantly upgraded platform, to our POS solution, to our carrot engine technology, to social integration, Vin65 offers progressive features that no other solution has. We work hard internally to bring you cutting edge features so that you can sell more wine.

Vin65 -  -

Vin65 -  -

Easy to Use & Intuitive    

Vin65 is extremely user friendly. Updating your website content, running reports and selling wine online and offline is more efficient. If you do need assistance, our documentation site contains almost 900 pages of online documentation and over 120 videos. Support staff is available 7 days a week, with weekdays being from 8am to 10pm PDT.


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