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Sell More Wine

Whole kit and caboodle. Everything Vin65 in one package.



There's a fine line in ecommerce tools between complex features and easy management - with our simple ecommerce experience, CRM tools and easy wine club management, you'll sell more wine.


Point of Sale

Completely focused on your customer. The Vin65 POS is versatile, easy to use and will help you sell wine in your tasting room or on the go! Great for events and interating with your customers.


Wine Club

Wine club memberships are the holy grail of wine sales. Customers want a wine club sign up to be easy, and you want simple, yet customized management. We've got your back!


Exclusive Plus Features

With the Vin65 Plus package, you get access to exclusive, plus-only features to sell more wine. Awesome features include kiosks, DTC China, easy ship, credit card updater, package tracking, SMS and restaurant tools.

Credit Card Updating

Automatic card recovery for easier wine club processing

Credit Card Updater


Reduce Credit Card Declines

In the past, Vin65 used action emails, point of sale alerts, and other targeted messaging to try and recover declined and expired cards. Using an automatic credit card updater will reduce credit card decline rates even further. Declined cards can be a huge hurdle for most wineries running a wine club.

Less Opportunity Cost

Wineries will spend less time calling, emailing or texting customers with expired credit cards. This new tool relieves a lot of that after sale administration. Process your wine club smoothly with an average 30% recovery rate for expired cards.

Better After Sales Experience

Less time on after sales services leaves a winery with more time to sell wine direct to consumer. Customers aren’t being bombarded with credit card expiration notices and can continue to enjoy wines from their shipments.


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Capture more emails in the tasting room to sell more wine

Grow your Email List with Qualified Leads

Pull people to your online store and sell more wine online. Tasting room visitors have already been introduced to your brand, probably tasted your wine and may have purchased. Kiosks are a great way to get them excited about a contest and market to them once they've left the tasting room. Email marketing is the number one way to sell more wine online and kiosks are a great way to capture email addresses of visitors. 

Automatic Flow

Customer information automatically syncs into Vin65 and can be automatically added to your emailing list. You can even send an automatic email upon form completion welcoming the new contact. 

Less is More

Ask key questions like first name, email address, phone number and contest question. You can use this information to start marketing directly to customers who have been to your tasting room. We recommend having no more than 4 fields (any more and a customer won’t want to fill the form out - plus, it fits better with the iPad landscape view). 

Vin65 - Kiosks - Capture more emails in the tasting room to sell more wine


Easy Ship for

Print UPS & Canada Post labels quickly

Our Easy Ship program saves you time. Shipping with our preferred partners, UPS and Canada Post, allows wineries to ship orders using one system. Generate shipping labels right from your orders in Vin65.

Automatically send tracking numbers through email or texts without delay keeping your customers up to speed on the shipment that's coming their way!

Vin65 - Easy Ship for - Print UPS & Canada Post labels quickly

DTC to China

Because the future of DTC is global


We're partnering with Gliding Eagle to let you ship your wine DTC in China. The number of Chinese visitors to California continued to outpace all other overseas source markets in 2014, growing by 21.6 percent to a record 996,000, making China the No. 1 source of overseas visitors for California. Chinese buying power also surged by 32.7 percent in 2014, with visitors spending $2.24 billion in California alone.

Easy to Use

This process is extremely simple. When you go to ship wine, you can now select China as a delivery country. You enter the Chinese address and Gliding Eagle gets the wine to China. Gliding Eagle does all of the work. They pick up your wine in the Napa area (if you're outside of Napa, you ship your wine directly to Gliding Eagle). Gliding Eagle then sends the wine to China, they do all the paperwork, clear customs and then get the wine to the consumer in less than 12 days (4 days to Hong Kong).

Fraud Protection

Gliding Eagle is affixing every bottle of wine with a unique label to ensure that authentic products get to China. Customers can track the path of their shipments and be confident their wine is authentic.

Vin65 - DTC to China - Because the future of DTC is global

Restaurant Features

Who doesn't love wine + food

Streamlined Bar and Kitchen Workflow

Ring up wine and food orders and send them to pre-defined preparation areas: wine to the tasting bar, and food to the kitchen or preparation area. This makes it easy for tasting room staff to put through orders without having to organize pick-up areas afterwards. Wine and food get delivered faster to the customer.

Convenient Checkout

Start, hold and resume a table with the click of a button. Add a guest count and club member count to tables for easy discounting. Customers can start a tab and pay when they're ready, with the ability to tip on their entire order.

Exclusive to Vin65 Plus

Wineries that have signed up for Vin65 Plus have restaurant features included. It's simple to setup and allows you to operate your tasting room more efficiently. For setup steps, check out our documentation site.

Plus Features

Package Tracking

Know where your wine is in real time

Pull Customers to Your Website

The average person tracks their order 6-8 times when a package travels from the West Coast to the East Coast. Rather than visiting UPS or FedEx, customers can track where their wine is in real-time right on the winery website they purchased from. That’s 6-8 more opportunities for wineries to target customers with specific marketing messages.

Real-Time Notifications

Wine requires a signature - so it’s important for customers to monitor when their package is going to be delivered. Managers can access real-time updates and advise customers right from the admin panel. Wineries using WineDirect for fulfillment services can even offer reroute or delay package options for customers.

Send Updates to Customers

Wineries are now able to tell customers when their wine has been shipped, the route it took, what stops are slowing it down and the expected delivery date. Wineries can send a text message when the package has been delivered.

Vin65 - Package Tracking - Know where your wine is in real time


To connect with your customers

Package Delivery and Tracking SMS

Wine delivery is complicated – and when a customer isn’t home it can become a major inconvenience. Text a customer the day before delivery and again when their package has shipped. Link to your winery’s website where a customer can view all of their package delivery details. Customers are notified via text when there is a delivery exception - allowing a customer to immediately respond to the delivery issue without delay.

Mass Texting/SMS

Use Vin65’s List Builder to easily send mass text messages to an opt-in list. Customers can easily opt-in or opt-out of receiving text messages.

Inbound Texting/SMS

Wineries can systematically respond to texts from customers. For example, wineries can set up an offer and have consumers text the word ‘Pinot’ to a specific number. In turn, a winery can respond with an email, text message, or opt the person into a future communication.


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