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Our Mission

To enable wineries to sell more wine

At Vin65, we are more than just a technology company. Yes, we power winery websites and POS systems all over the world, but our passion lies in enabling you to sell the most wine on and offline. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the ecommerce and POS experience, streamline the checkout process, remove friction points, and provide a better customer experience.

Our Core Values

Get to know the real Vin65

1) Be open and honest. Be real and use your judgment.
We believe that openness and honesty create lasting relationships with each other and our customers.

2) Strive for incremental improvement. Be better every day.
At Vin65, we are continuously improving. The platform has a code push once a week. We write code, we test, we push.

3) Be a positive and passionate team. Work hard together.
Vin65's culture is team-oriented. We work hard as a team. We party as a team. Sometimes we party as we work.

4) Pursue growth and learning. Try something new.
We keep up to date on latest technologies and best practices. We prioritize professional development and encourage team members to share ideas.

5) Take risks and make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to fail.
We continuously learn and try new things. We take risks, make mistakes, sometimes fail, learn from them, and share the results. It makes for a better platform.

The Team

Powered by people

Vin65 Team - Brent Johnson Vin65 Team - Brent Johnson

Brent Johnson

GM & VP of Ecommerce
Vin65 Team - Kevin Williams Vin65 Team - Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

Vin65 Team - Josh Luhn Vin65 Team - Josh Luhn

Josh Luhn

Vin65 Team - Janne Lundquist Vin65 Team - Janne Lundquist

Janne Lundquist

Vin65 Team - Josh Clysdale Vin65 Team - Josh Clysdale

Josh Clysdale

Vin65 Team - Jennifer Arie Vin65 Team - Jennifer Arie

Jennifer Arie

Account Manager
Vin65 Team - Kate Culham Vin65 Team - Kate Culham

Kate Culham

Project Manager
Vin65 Team - Vin65 Team -

Vin65 Team - Brennan Harcus Vin65 Team - Brennan Harcus

Brennan Harcus

Project Manager
Vin65 Team - Tim Powell Vin65 Team - Tim Powell

Tim Powell

Customer Success
Vin65 Team - Bobby Gibson Vin65 Team - Bobby Gibson

Bobby Gibson

Customer Success
Vin65 Team - David Edmister Vin65 Team - David Edmister

David Edmister

Customer Success
Vin65 Team - Jose Pria Vin65 Team - Jose Pria

Jose Pria

Customer Success
Vin65 Team - Trent Middleton Vin65 Team - Trent Middleton

Trent Middleton

Customer Success
Vin65 Team - Carisen Randing Vin65 Team - Carisen Randing

Carisen Randing

Customer Success
Vin65 Team - Sean van Mulligen Vin65 Team - Sean van Mulligen

Sean van Mulligen

Vin65 Team - Andrea Dyck Vin65 Team - Andrea Dyck

Andrea Dyck

UI/UX Designer
Vin65 Team - Adrienne Stillman Vin65 Team - Adrienne Stillman

Adrienne Stillman

Marketing Manager
Vin65 Team - Corinna Wang Vin65 Team - Corinna Wang

Corinna Wang

Product Marketer
Vin65 Team - Sarah Barwin Vin65 Team - Sarah Barwin

Sarah Barwin

Product Manager
Vin65 Team - Karson Enns Vin65 Team - Karson Enns

Karson Enns

Vin65 Team - Lucas Klaassen Vin65 Team - Lucas Klaassen

Lucas Klaassen

Vin65 Team - Kelton Kowalchuk Vin65 Team - Kelton Kowalchuk

Kelton Kowalchuk

Vin65 Team - Nico Suria Vin65 Team - Nico Suria

Nico Suria

Vin65 Team - Aaron Park Vin65 Team - Aaron Park

Aaron Park

Vin65 Team - Raman Buttar Vin65 Team - Raman Buttar

Raman Buttar

Vin65 Team - Jason Andres Vin65 Team - Jason Andres

Jason Andres

Vin65 Team - Syd Sisco Vin65 Team - Syd Sisco

Syd Sisco


Vin65 Stats

Really get to know us

5 bottles of clients' wine per week.

305 coffees pounded back weekly. Caffeine!!!

72 Soylent bottles a month. It's a meal in a bottle.

5 languages spoken. Et toi?


Our parent company, we love 'em

Vin65 WineDirect - //Sub Title//

Since 2002, WineDirect has been leading the way in technology and services for the wine industry. With a solid foundation in both logistics and ecommerce, we're proud to be the first company to truly offer an all-in-one solution for your direct-to-consumer needs. Learn more at www.winedirect.com

Work For Vin65

We're looking for talented people

Working at Vin65 means you're passionate about what you do. We only hire 'A players' (i.e. trailblazers, pioneers and rockstars). We want people who can solve challenging problems, make a real impact and build something big. You should join us.

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