Vin65 Point of Sale


Sell Anywhere

Our point of sale system is truly mobile so you can step away from the tasting bar and interact with your customers! You can sell with any iOS device in your tasting room, online, or outside in the vineyards - all you need is wifi or a data connection.

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Easy to Use

This isn’t your traditional POS system - the mobile POS can be used the second you download the app. It’s focused on customers more than transactions. It’s portable, simple and it requires no training.

Customer Focused

We designed the mobile POS with the customer in mind. You can view customer notes, purchase history, lifetime value and more right in the tasting room. Everything syncs through the cloud so inventory and sales are updated in real time.

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Vin65 -  -

Scale When You Need It

Easily bust up a line waiting to pay! Use any Apple tablet or phone, or the Chrome browser on your computer - just download our free app and start selling wine! All data is stored in the cloud so the system can be scaled up for events and scaled down for everyday use.

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Customer Capture

People who've invested the time to research and visit your winery are valuable to your marketing efforts. Capturing their contact info in the tasting room is the quickest, most effective way for you to build a strong base of loyal customers.

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