Shipping Solution

What is 46Brix? It's a shipping program for wineries. Your customer pays $79 per year for a 46Brix membership and receives $0 ground shipping on purchases of two or more bottles from all participating wineries all year! The checkout happens on your site, and your winery retains highly qualified customers from a bigger pool of wine lovers.

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Sell More Wine

Shipping incentives are the number one driver of sales on the internet. You have access to a bigger pool of top-buying clients. Wine lovers are inherently promiscuous - they enjoy several different brands and sometimes belong to multiple wine clubs. The incentive here is the free shipping from different wineries - giving the customer variety and choice.

Build Customer Loyalty

Wine lovers willing to pay $79 for a year of $0 shipping are going to use it. Customers who become 46Brix members increase their average spend 3 times. 46Brix memberships drive reorders and extends the lifetime value of your club members.


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