Project Managers


Project Managers

Why you need one



Once you signup for a Vin65 project, you'll get admin panel login credentials within 2-3 business days. From here, you can access your project checklist - and get to work!




Our Project Managers are here to keep you on track with your project. Usually tasks are split up between teams, and PM's overlook the setup to keep your project running smoothly.


PM Fee

We have internal Vin65 PM's - and also external PM's who work with you one-on-one. Fees vary, but you can expect an initial start-up fee to get setup and start working on your project.

Options For Your Project

Choose your PM


Vin65 PM

- Choose to work with Vin65's PM team
- Up front fee: $999
- 5 Hours of Project Management included
- Experience leading projects exclusively in Vin65
- Takes you through the tasks, shares best practices, but doesn't complete tasks or additional services


External PM

- You can work with an external PM if you're looking for more help
- Up front fee varies depending on scope
- Experience leading Vin65 projects
- If you're looking for more, external PM's can walk you through your project, design and can help complete tasks for additional fees

Vin65 - Options For Your Project - Choose your PM

Project Managers

Get your project off the ground

I've been crafting websites for wineries since Vin65 was an early startup and launched countless websites on the Vin65 platform. Cakewalk also specializes in winery website design and development. The pride and passion that a winery puts into making great wines must be reflected in a great digital experience. If you would like to discuss a new project or you have revisions on an existing Vin65 website, Contact me.

Vin65 Testimonial - James Davenport - Cakewalk Design

James Davenport

Cakewalk Design

Wine & the Web brings an affordable and more importantly, a competitive set of tools to small wineries that level the online playing field. We are a great partner for your upcoming website deployment project, or if you are looking to redesign your current website with Vin65. A new website build with all the bells and whistles that Vin65 offers is as good as it gets for small wineries. Contact me.

Vin65 Testimonial - James Marshall Berry - Wine & the Web

James Marshall Berry

Wine & the Web

Based on our positive first-hand experiences and valuable knowledge gained as an early adopting customer, we are pleased to offer a full range of implementation and integration assistance with the direct-to-consumer (DTC) technology products offered by Vin65. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a POS system integrated with your website, or you want to create the best online wine club member experience, we can help to make the transition easy for you, giving you more time to focus on what’s in the tank rather than what’s on the screen. Contact us for more information. 

Vin65 Testimonial - Jay & Jennifer Christianson - Tin Sheets Consulting

Jay & Jennifer Christianson

Tin Sheets Consulting

I’ve been working with databases and website for over 20 years and specialize in Vin65 data migration, optimizations/best practices, and team training. I am full service and also can work with you to integrate Vin65 into your existing systems and processes.  I’ve contributed to over 150 websites on the Vin65 platform, so if you want guidance on how to best migrate to and optimize Vin65, Contact me.


Vin65 Testimonial - Susan DeMatei - WineGlass Marketing

Susan DeMatei

WineGlass Marketing

DTC Wine Workshops is a group of specialists, supporting wineries of all sizes nationally. We provide Vin65 support services to help winery teams migrate to Vin65 from another ecommerce platform or set up a new online store using Vin65 ecommerce tools. For more info, Contact us.

Vin65 Testimonial - Sandra Hess - DTC Wine Workshops

Sandra Hess

DTC Wine Workshops


For help getting started with your project

1. What is a PM?
You Project Manager (PM) is your main point of contact throughout the development stages of your project. The main role of your PM is to coordinate and facilitate the progression of your project.

2. What is the difference between a Vin65 PM and an external PM?
Either will be your main point of contact during development. You need to decide if you want to work with the Vin65 PM team, or choose an external PM. External PM's can give you more of a white-glove service, as well as work with you on specific design needs.


3. How do I get started on my project?
For more information on our project management tools and how to get started, please watch the following short video here.

4. How do I contact my PM during development?
Your chosen PM will reach out for an intro call upon site setup. Emails  and phone calls can also be scheduled with your PM, if needed.

Hello, There!

Let's launch your project

Take a couple of minutes to watch Vin65's Project Managers take you through the process of completing your project checklists and ultimately launching your project.

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