by: Wine Glass Marketing

Buddha is clean and modern, allowing for easy scrolling and featured photography and bottle shots. Both products and images can be in a fun, stacked layout with or without rollovers to present a polished look for your winery.


  • Home page featuring large div with an image in the background that is using the parallax effect. You can also add text/copy/buttons to display on top of the image
  • Sub pages feature an image banner can be used on almost every page. You can upload a background image and add copy overtop the image if needed.
  • Stacked blocks on the home page used to display and link to products. You can upload an image, a title and a link.
  • Fully editable, including footer
  • Photo gallery, events, recipes and all Vin65 modules.
  • A form for customers to easily sign up to your newsletter
  • Optimized for all device sizes and on Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • CSS changes can only be done by WineGlass Marketing

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