Physical Gift Cards,

Give your customers more ways to pay.

Get Paid Up Front

Gift cards equal instant revenue: even if customers forget to use their cards, it’s no sweat off your back as you’ve already recognized the sale.

Increase Basket Size

When customers redeem a gift card in your tasting room they’re more likely to make a purchase beyond the value of the card since the money feels free. 

Attract New Customers 

By offering gift cards your best customers will spread the love to their social circle meaning new customers (and sales!) for you.

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Process Payments Quickly  

If you’ve used online gift codes to complete a purchase in your tasting room, you know it’s not fun typing long codes into your POS system. This is especially true when there is a line of eager customers waiting to buy your wine. Enter the physical gift card: embedded with batch codes linked to Vin65, all your staff has to do is swipe the card to quickly complete a sale.


Use Online and Offline  

Nothing has changed behind the scenes -- you can still generate batch gift codes and sell gift codes online. All physical gift cards are also printed with codes that can be redeemed online. In Vin65 you can track which codes have been redeemed, and easily determine where your revenue is being generated.