Oct 10, 2011

Vin65 Introduces Facebook Ecommerce for Wineries

Bring your wine to where your customer is -- on Facebook.

Vin65, the leading provider of wine ecommerce, announces the launch of their Facebook ecommerce app for wineries. The Facebook app allows visitors to view and purchase wine on a winery's fan page without leaving Facebook.

There are over 800 million active users on Facebook and internet users spend more time on Facebook than on any other website. Vin65's Facebook app allows a winery to bring their wines and their content directly to Facebook users. The app allows a winery to take advantage of the social features inside Facebook such as showing different content to visitors who “like” a winery.

Features and benefits:

  • Sell wine without leaving Facebook. Full ecommerce inside Facebook. Optimized experience for Facebook users to fit the Facebook experience.
  • Custom content for fans. App allows wineries to create custom Facebook pages and engaging content using a combination of Facebook and Vin65 tools.
  • Club sign ups. Sign up for wine club and receive club benefits inside Facebook.
  • Monitor consumer interactions. Full Google Analytics and Vin65 report (including dashboards).
  • Manage everything in one place. One product database, one order database and one customer database between a Vin65 website, Facebook page, Vin65 mobile site and iPad tasting room app.
  • Customer convenience. Customers who use Facebook don't need to click over to your ecommerce store to buy your wine.  Fewer clicks to purchase.

The Vin65 Facebook app is a custom fan page on Facebook run in a secure iframe. Wines and other content are managed inside the Vin65 platform. Transactions are secured by SSL and all processing flows through the winery's existing merchant account and directly to the winery.

Andrew Kamphuis, president of Vin65, had this to say:

"I’m overwhelmed by the activity happening on Facebook. At Vin65, we saw this trend in traffic and wanted a very easy way for our clients to be able to sell wine to this group of people. We’ve done social integration and social sharing inside our platform, but we wanted to bring the purchasing experience even closer to these people. The Facebook app represents our first step in this direction."

Jeff Stai, owner of Twisted Oak Winery, comments:

I'm very excited about the new Vin65 Facebook ecommerce app especially now that we are headed into the holiday season. We have a large, active, fun fan community of almost 3,000 Twisted wine lovers. To be able to bring the wine that much closer to their social experience - and keeping it all within Facebook - will only add to the fun, and profit.

Ariel Ceja, General Manager of Ceja Vineyards had this to say:

The Vin65 platform has become an extension of us. It’s part of our system and how we communicate and work together..... The launch of their Facebook ecommerce application is a testament to their ingenuity in incorporating new and emerging technologies that any winery can easily implement. These guys "get" it.

Paul Mabray, CEO of VinTank, a digital think tank for the wine industry, adds:

Once again Vin65 moves forward with innovation by helping extend the reach of their shopping cart to Facebook. This is a good thing for their winery clients.

Vin65’s Facebook app is available today for Vin65 clients as well as WineDirect (IBG) clients who are on the Vin65 platform.

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Live Facebook Commerce Examples:
Demo Store: http://www.facebook.com/PineWines?sk=app_193215334038550 
Ceja Vineyards: http://www.facebook.com/CejaVineyards?sk=app_169449413139909
Twisted Oak: http://www.facebook.com/twistedoak?sk=app_123395964431766

About Vin65:
Vin65 is the leading provider of website and ecommerce solutions to wineries and wine retailers interested in selling their wine direct-to-consumer. The Vin65 platform has received attention from wine technology thought leaders and technology savvy wineries for its ability to drive innovation in the wine ecommerce space. The platform includes: ecommerce, wine club, content management, customer relationship management and mobile ecommerce all tailored for the wine industry. For more information, call 604-852-8140 or visit www.vin65.com.


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