Vin65 Introduces Automatic Credit Card Updating

Increase club sales by reducing credit card declines with a credit card updater that does the work for you.


Vancouver, BC - December 9, 2014 - Vin65, the leading innovator in direct to consumer software for wineries, now offers an automatic credit card updater tool, saving wineries time in the after sale process.

Working with Visa and Mastercard, the account updater will automatically notify you of changes to your club members credit card numbers including new card numbers, expiration dates, and other information needed to process your wine sales.  This automatic update prevents disruption for customers who have had lost, stolen, expired, or replaced credit cards. Wineries will increase authorization approvals and reduce the associated customer service time and costs to recover new credit card information.

Wineries can sell more wine with the credit card updater feature because they will:

Reduce Credit Card Declines

In the past, Vin65 used action emails, point of sale alerts, and other targeted messaging to try and recover declined and expired cards. Using an automatic credit card updater will reduce credit card decline rates even further. Declined cards can be a huge hurdle for most wineries running a wine club.

Decrease Opportunity Cost

Wineries will spend less time calling, emailing or texting customers with expired credit cards. This new tool relieves a lot of that after sale administration. Process your wine club smoothly with an average 30% recovery rate for expired cards.

Offer a Better After Sales Experience

Less time on after sales services leaves a winery with more time to sell wine direct to consumer. Customers aren’t being bombarded with credit card expiration notices and can continue to enjoy wines from their shipments.  


"I've seen first hand the frustration wineries face when they process a club with numerous credit card declines. Countless hours are spent contacting customers to get up-to-date details,” said Brent Johnson, Vin65’s General Manager. “With several major retailers getting hacked, customers are changing their credit cards faster than ever. Vin65's credit card updater is a very affordable and secure way to keep your decline rates low - and allows you to sell more wine."

About Vin65:

Vin65 is the leading provider of ecommerce and POS solutions to wineries and wine retailers. The Vin65 platform has received attention from wine technology thought leaders and technology savvy wineries for its ability to drive innovation in the wine direct to consumer space. The platform includes: ecommerce, point of sale, wine club management, content management, customer relationship management, compliance and shipping programs all tailored for the wine industry.

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Corinna Johnson, Marketing Manager
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