Physical Gift Cards.

Give your customers more ways to pay.

Get Paid Up Front

Gift cards equal instant revenue: even if customers forget to use their cards, it’s no sweat off your back as you’ve already recognized the sale.

Increase Basket Size

When customers redeem a gift card in your tasting room they’re more likely to make a purchase beyond the value of the card since the money feels free. 

Attract New Customers 

By offering gift cards your best customers will spread the love to their social circle meaning new customers (and sales!) for you.

Vendor: Change Merchant Soltuions

How To Signup: Simply register for the program below and Change Merchant Solutions will reach out to begin your order. You choose the card values, quantity and add a custom design to make it yours. Cards ship within 2 weeks from the complettion of the order process.

Setup Fees:

  • 100 Card Package. 100 custom cards for $299 (free shipping to US and Canada, taxes extra).
  • 500 Card Package. 500 cards for $499 (free shipping to US and Canada, taxes extra).

Monthly/Transaction Fees:

  • Monthly: $0 for Change Merchant Solutions clients. $30/mo for non-Change Merchant Solutions clients.
  • Per Transaction: $0.25 on each gift card transaction.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Any Vin65 client (“User”) is eligible to sign up for the Gift Card Program (“Program”).
  2. Except for USAePay or iPayment customers, Users agree to pay the Order Set-up fee, Monthly fee, and Transaction fee in a timely manner.  Monthly fees and Transaction fees are waived for USAePay and iPayment customers.
  3. The date of shipment of Gift Cards cannot be guaranteed from the date of purchase, however, Change Merchant Solutions will make commercially reasonable best efforts to ship Gift Cards within 2 weeks.
  4. Vin65 is not responsible for costs associated with errors, misprints or loss of Gift Cards during shipping.
  5. Orders for Gift Cards are processed by Change Merchant Solutions.  Custom orders may be requested, with acceptance of such orders subject to the sole discretion of Change Merchant Solutions.
  6. Users may opt out of the Program at any time after registering to participate, however, any fees already paid will not be refunded and any unsold gift cards will no longer be redeemable, will be deactivated, and have no monetary value.

DISCLAIMER:  The Program is operated and administered by a third party service provider Change Merchant Solutions.  Vin65 disclaims any and all liability for your participation and use of the Program.  The Vin65 Terms and Conditions of Use Policy and Privacy Policy are expressly incorporated into your participation and use of the Program, and Users are expected to understand them and adhere to such policies in participating in the Program.  All purchases of Gift Cards issued in the Program are final.